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About the Event

We are 1 year into our existing and it is a win to celebrate. Baby steps before Chindi Safar takes the market by storm. So, here’s us connecting with everyone who has a travel bug in them or wants to explore the outer world to feed their wanderlust.
Keeping the room lively with comic line-ups and music performances the eve will see some influential figures talk about their lives while we indulge in some specially curated food on the menu and drinks. This exclusive event is an “Invite” only, one of it’s kind and possibly the first ever travel oriented event organised in Delhi with 150-200 invitees under one roof.

Event Details

04:00 PM to 10:00 PM
7th December 2019
WorkCoh, Building 19, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi-110016
Entry by Passes Only

Influencers Talk

Get inspired by those who have made a difference in the society by their choice of work and creativity. Come be a part of this exclusive meet-up and know why working towards your dreams is the only way out to make an ordinary life special. Come, get inspired!

Stand Up Comedy

A little chuckle can never hurt anyone. Here’s us giving you many more of those, for we want you to start the eve with some rib tickling laughter. Let’s paint the Sundowner with the crimson in the sky and pretty smiles on our faces.

Live Music

There is nothing more charming than enjoying a lake side view with some melodious music and a bottle beer with the company of like minded people and unending conversations. While the Sun sets, join us and sway to the soulful music

Founder's Talk

As boring as it may sound,we assure you that this BRIEF introduction wouldn’t bore you. Come, live the year gone by as we celebrate 1 year of our existence and know the brains behind Chindi Safar.

Win A Free Trip

It’s OUR birthday but YOU get a gift!
One of you attendees will be our fellow passenger for one of our upcoming trips ! The day doesn’t just end with one mega gift. We have a lot more hampers, goodie bags and vouchers for all those who are game for the day.

Food N Booze

Party without food & drinks is like earth without water, very difficult to imagine. At Chug De Chindi, we don’t let you go back with empty stomachs!
Treat your tastebuds with some desi chakna, munchies, wraps & burgers to hog on and some energy drinks to keep the party alive.
Chug a lot of Proost 69 Beers.
Come, experience this delight with us!




(For Chindi Alumni)

1 ticket

499 NR


1 ticket

999 NR


2 tickets

1499 INR


5 tickets

3500 INR




Being a female solo traveller, my utmost concerns were the safety and hygiene factor that came along with the 9 day trip and to my relief, every aspect of my concerns were taken care of, be it the female support staff or provision of toilet tents.

Nitisha Dora

At such an altitude all you can care about is making it through the day but not bringing in even a minute of boredom, Chindi made sure that we stay pepped up throughout our journey which gave us more comfort and zeal to carry on with an incentive of different meals specially curated to keep our spirits alive.

Parichay Saxena


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